Albertsons make grocery shopping a breeze!!!

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David and I finally made it to Albertsons that other day to get our grocery shopping done and I am so glad we chose them. Because I had looked at the ad online and knew most of the things we would be buying. But once we arrived we found so many other items on sale that we was able to stock up on. Which I needed to do as I was out of so many items.

One of the things I purchased was Del Monte vegetables for 69 cents. I was able to buy more at this price that I had origannlly planned on which was good as it helped us save money as well as stock up so when we have company we have extra food and can fix dinner and not worry about not having enough.

I just wish my mom was here as I purchased several cans of English Peas and I could have fixed her some Pea Salad which she loves. Or if my grandmother was here I could have asked her to make me some Creamed Peas as they are my favorite. Without either of them being her though I will just fix them in some butter as they are Charlies favorite vegetable.

I also was able to stock up on laundry soap as they had Purex on sale and we all know how expensive laundry soap can be. This will help me when Charlie goes back to school as he goes through more clothes then as he has to change into play clothes when he returns from school

Purex Laundry Detergent

Another item David and I made sure and stocked up on and will be returning to the store today to get some more before it goes off sale is the Nestle Pure Life water as it is half off the regular price. I like having these on hand when we have parties as well as when we are taking Charlie swimming and stuff as we can take one and it last us all day. This saves us money as we do not have to buy when we are out and about.

Nestlé Pure Life Water


Plus once we finish the water we turn them into Piggy Banks and Charlie decorates them and gives them out as gifts at Christmas time. My mother n law still has one Charlie made her when he was only 1. So if you have children then pick some up and turn them into some fun crafts once they empty.

Once we cheeked out at we found we had saved close to $40 dollars and this was without coupons. So just imagine if I had used coupons. As I would have saved so much more. All in all this was a huge success.

Glenda, Charlie and David


Grocery Shopping today at Albertsons

This is a sponsored post written by me for Albertsons, and we are excited to share an awesome giveaway with you.


David and I have always gone shopping on Friday while everyone is at work. Only this week I had the event to do to help raise school supplies for the children at Major Cheney Elementary and so I was just to tired once it was over. So after we finish a meeting or two this morning we will be running to our local Albertsons. In our neighborhood I am blessed as there is 3 right around us but of course we have our favorite one.

So I thought I would share with you 5 of the reasons this one is our favorite.

1) The customer service and the cashiers are the friendliest they go out of there way to make every single person feel special.

2) The manager is always out in the store meeting and greeting his shoppers.

3) The store always smells fresh and clean and it is well stocked.

4) When you ask questions or are looking for something they go out of there way to help you find it.

5) The parking lot is kept free of lose carts and trash. It is always clean no matter the time of day.

So if you have not been to Albertsons in a while I hope you take the time to check them out as they have a contest happening where you can win Salad from Eathbound for a year. So if you would like to enter to win Please visit them here


Then check out there huge anniversary sale that is happening right now.  As you can get items like Nestle Pure Life for $49 cents and with as much water as we go through I am going to purchase a case.

Nestlé Pure Life Water

Plus Polar Treats are $99 cents. Which is much better price than the ice cream truck and they taste so much better.

Polar Treats Novelties

So I hope you stop by Albertsons soon and check out there Anniversary sales as I know you will find lots of great bargains for your home. Just as I did for us.


Glenda, Charlie and David


Enter to Win Free Salad For A Year – Albertosons Giveaway & #HugeSale

This is a sponsored post written by me for Albertsons, and we are excited to share an awesome giveaway with you.  All opinions, love for Albertsons, their huge anniversary sale, giveaway, and salad are our own. 

Today is our day to go grocery shopping and of course it will be at Albertsons because when you live on a “BUDGET” like Charlie and I do we can get more “Bang” for your “Buck” here. Plus I do not have to cut coupons out to make the money go far enough as they always have awesome sales and I save so much that even when I do not use coupons I have money left.

 So with thatI said I woud like to share both a giveaway and salad in the same sentence, because Albertsons is not only having their HUGE Sale, but they are holding a giveaway and 75 people will win free salad for a year

I know lots of people who would like to win this contest. Including myself. But if you think about it I am sure you would also know lost of people to share the Giveaway with. So Please check it out and get to sharing it.



Earthbound Farms Free Salad For a Year Giveaway to 75 Lucky Winners! How awesome is that?  If you are trying to live a better lifestyle and eat healthier, it doesn’t get better than free salad for a year.  Oh, well it is super easy to enter too!

So many salads, so little time!  Enter to win FREE salad for an entire year from the wonderful people at Earthbound Farm and Albertsons.  All you have to do to enter is visit Albertsons, enter your information, and BAM, you are entered to win free salad for an entire year.

After you enter, be sure to head over to and check out their amazing sale!  You’ll see deals like:

  • Pepsi $3 for 12 when you buy 3
  • Propel or Gatorade All Start Sports Drink $2.99 for a 6 pack

What else is there to do?  Well if you are lucky enough to live where there is an Albertsons be sure to click here to enter to win FREE Salad for a year, then you are going to want to visit Albertsons on their website to see what deals are going on.

Glenda, Charlie and David


As a mom Education has always been very important to me and this weekend proves it as I am hosting a Community Wide Craft Fair and Auction to raise school supplies for underprivileged children. So when I was on Staples website and I saw this contest and I would like to invite you to join me as I make a Video and share your experiences on a Video as you can share your memories from school which will allow you to share your experiences of  your school days.

If you do make a video Please come back here and share it with us. As I would love to see the stories you share on the video. As I will be sharing about Mr Reed my biology teacher as he was just crazy. Mr Reed would have us dissect frogs and take them home for his family for dinner. Yuck, yuck, yuck!!! Would you do that???

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Glenda, Charlie and David

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Glenda, Charlie and David

Summer and working from home

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This has been a challenging week in my home this week. As I had so much to do on the blog but my wrist has been giving me fits. So I decided to take the last couple days off and spend it playing with Charlie. We made tents and climbed inside them to watch movies and have snacks. So yesterday I ran to the store to pick up some snacks for us and one of the snacks Charlie asked for was Pop Secret Popcorn. This is the easiest popcorn for me to fix thanks to the new application they have that helps stop burned popcorn which you can check out at:




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Glenda, Charlie and David